April 2007 Entries

Vista / Office 2007 Online launch for Developers Webcasts

In February 2007 we did the Launch of Office and Vista for Developers in 5 cities.

We are back again now with an online version of the same.  We are doing a Webcast series of the Office and Vista Launch Sessions.  So if you have missed out the launch, here you can get the same content delivered right from your desktop.

Register for the same as the seats are limited and do attend the webcasts and provide us your feedback.

The URL for registration and more details is

Cheers !!!

Running IE 6 in Windows Vista

Update on July 12, 2007

There is a cool utility released by the IE Team called "User Agent String Utility" which is a small executable that opens an instance of IE 7 which is configured to report its identity as IE 6.  This helps with websites which do a comparison of the IE Version and tend to recognize IE 7 as an outdated / unidentified version and hence dont function / render well.

Once you install this utility, you can open up "User Agent String Utility" from Program Files and it would prompt you with the necessary instructions.  This opens an instance of the IE7 but reports its identity to the websites that seek the same as an older version.

This would be a great utility for one of those sites which are designed the hard way and depend on the IE version detected.

The tool can be downloaded for free from

For all those folks who have migrated to Windows Vista and / or Internet Explorer 7, I am sure you would have liked the various features Internet Explorer 7 provides in terms of ease of navigation, security and other nifty things.

However, if you would like to check your application on Internet Explorer 6 for the benefit of folks who wouldnt have migrated yet to IE 7, you can still do that by using the IE 6 VPC.

Internet Explorer 6 does not run on Windows Vista and the default browser for Windows Vista is IE 7.

Hence, to check for application compatibility in IE 6, you can download the IE 6 VPC Image from  Its available for download for free.

Its a pretty big download and you may want to start the download and leave it during lunch / end-of-day for getting downloaded.

If you havent used Virtual PC, you may want to download it as well, from free

Having said, I would recommend all users, including Windows XP SP2 users to upgrade to IE 7 for all obvious reasons, you can check from

You can download IE 7 for Windows XP SP2 from for free.

Cheers and happy exploring (the internet  ) !!!


MUGH - Launch of Vista and Office 2007 - I am there, will you be there?



The Agenda
Registration (Starts from 9:00 AM onwards)
Introduction MUGH Core Team
Explore Windows Vista Harish Ranganathan, Microsoft India
Application Compatibility and Windows Vista Sreedhar, Microsoft India
Sponsorer Speak
Cutting Edge Talk : .NET3.0 & Developers Gnana Arun Ganesh, Accenture
Fun Time & Goodies
Why Should Developers care about Office System? Anjana Ramamoorthy, Satyam Computers
Developing for Office using VSTO 2005 SE Sudhakar Sadasivuni, Microsoft India.
Q & A Session , Fun Time
Snacks & Tea Break
Quick Break
Introducing SharePoint Server 2007 Hima Bindu Vejella, Assential Software
Closing Note
Goodies & Feedback