User Experience is the name of the game - IndiMix 06


Guess what is unique in Indimix?

The developer sessions or Technology sessions are minimal. Being an event for the whole industry and design houses, the focus is more on User Experience.

Microsoft is committed to provide a better user experience and with the Windows Presentation Foundation and the Expression Designer Suite release, people would find the new dimension in Microsoft Tools and Technologies.

To give an overview, see the topics below which are part of IndiMix Agenda.

· The Genesis of Creativity and Innovation – The Next Web Now
· Delivering Experiences - Solutions that build strategic capability
· Designing for the Next Web Now – Experiences and Expressions that Capture the Imagination
· Developing for the Next Web Now - Beyond the Browser

Clearly, User Experience rides the show.

For more more information and registration, please visit IndiMix 06

Cheers !

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