This article is specific to Visual Studio 2005.  For Visual Studio 2008, please check Web Control Library Template in Visual Studio 2008

Visual Studio 2005 is one the coolest Development Tools available today for developing applications targetting .NET Framework 2.0.

In Visual Studio 2005, there have been a lot of changes, compared to the way Windows Applications and Web Applications were created using Visual Studio .NET 2003 and earlier versions.

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When developing with Visual Studio 2005, we might have noticed that all the web related templates are moved under "File - New - WebSite" option.

However, creating a Web Control Library is an exception to this. The Web Control Library Template still lies in the "File - New - Project" Option. It is a little suprising and tricky to find the option to create a Web Control Library.

The steps are

1. Click "File" - "New Project"

2. The "New Project" Dialog opens up with the installed templates

3. Select the preferred language "Visual Basic" or "Visual C#" under "Project Types"

4. Expand the preferred language Node.

5. Select "Windows" under the preferred language Node.

6. The available templates are listed under "Templates"

7. Select the "Web Control Library" and click "Ok" to create a Web Control Library Project.

This might be a little suprising since all the Web related projects are moved under "File - New - Website" option whereas the "Web Control Library" still remains here and particularly under "Windows" option.

In short, the answer for the question, from my understanding is that, all Project type templates are moved under "File - New - Project" and the Website related ASP.NET Website, ASP.NET WebService are under "File - New - Website" option.

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