Many of us are aware that ASP.NET 2.0 provides a Website Administration Tool from where we can manage the settings for the web application.

However, we can also manage the website settings from the IIS - Virtual directory settings.


1. Click "Start" and select "Run"

2. Type "inetmgr" and press "Ok" or Hit "Enter"

3. IIS Control Panel Opens.

4. Expand the appropriate nodes to navigate to the Virtual directory of your application.

5. Select the Virtual Directory and Right Click and select "Properties".

6. You will notice that there is a New "ASP.NET" Tab. This Tab features once you install the .NET Framework 2.0.

7. Switch to the "ASP.NET" Tab.

8. There is a Version selector from which you can select the version you would like to use for your application. However, since we are dealing with ASP.NET 2.0, we will leave it to the default one that would be selected i.e. 2.0.50727. We can change it if its showing a older version.

9. Also, there is an "Edit Configuration" button in the bottom in the same Tab.

10. Clicking on it will open up the ASP.NET Configuration Settings for that application.

We can "Add", "Edit", "Remove" and "Reset" the setttings. We can manage as many settings as Authentication, Authorization, Session State, Custom Errors etc., from this Utility.

This would be very useful when we deploy our applications and would like to change the settings over the deployment environment.

Cheers and Happy Programming !!!