Ever wondered where the "File - New - Project - ASP.NET Web Application" Icon went off in Visual Studio 2005, while it was there in Visual Studio.NET 2003 and earlier versions?

Visual Studio 2005 Development Team just thought that they could provide a newer option for creating web sites. So, it is actually moved to "File - New Website - ASP.NET Website" and the same holds good for ASP.NET Webservice". The other reason behind this might just be the compilation model for ASP.NET Applications which has been totally shifted to ASP.NET rather than Visual Studio. Now, both the ASPX Pages and the Code Files are compiled dynamically.

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However, if you are still in love with the older way and want to create Web Applications by chosing "File -New - Project" option, there has been a VS 2005 Web Application Project utility released by Microsoft. Scott Gu has a detailed coverage and download link for the same, in this recent Post. You can read the article and also download the project from here.

This option is just an add-in to Visual Studio 2005 and doesnt replace the "File - New - Website" Model. In fact, both the models are going to be included and supported in the future releases of Visual Studio.

Similarly, if you are fond of the older way of deploying files (Single BIN Folder with assemblies and ASPX Pages), there is a
VS 2005 Web Deployment Project Utility which would help you in making your deployment in a traditional way that you have been doing with earleir Visual Studio .NET versions.

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