October 2005 Entries

MUGH TechFest - Now Happening !!!

The Microsoft User Group, Hyderabad's programming contest "TechFest" is now happening !!!

It is open from September 7th and the two broad categories are

Code Warriors 2005 & SQL Wiz 2005

The nominations have been open for quite some time for submitting abstracts and they end by tomorrow October 20, 2005

There are lots of goodies and prizes to be won and it is a most valuable event organized by Microsoft User Group for Developers / Students who are aspiring developers.

More information on this contest is also found at Microsoft Technical Communities Website

For registration and participation, visit Mugh TechFest 2005

And Hurry Up!! The Nominations close by tomorrow and selected nominations will be awarded GotDotNet T-Shirts (a startup prize).

Cheers and Happy TechFesting !!!

A better way of working with IE Webcontrol - TabStrip Control

IE Webcontrols are very useful in accomplishing rich user experience for your web applications with the controls like TreeView, TabStrip, MultiPage etc., which are not shipped out of the box with ASP.NET 1.x Versions.

One of the commonly used IE Webcontrol is the TabStrip control. TabStrip control is mostly used in combination with MultiPage control.

TabStrip provides you with Tab Control for your ASP.NET Page through which you can implemented a Tabbed User Interface of Menu, Options etc.,

When we combine MultiPage with TabStrip control, we can show different portions of the Page based on the Tab selected.

This would give a wizard sort of look and feel for your pages where users see different parts of the page on clicking different tabs.

One common practice while implementing TabStrip control is to set the AutoPostBack property to True. This way we will be forcing a page refresh when a different Tab is selected. On this event, we populate, initialize the MultiPage associated with the Tab that is selected.

The fact to be noted is that, though while development, the Server lies in your local machine and the PostBack is not noticably slow, in real world scenarios, the postback may take quite some time before showing the other MultiPage.

This causes not only an irritating flashing of the page but the selected tab takes sometime to complete the events associated with it and gives an ugly look and feel until it is fully loaded.

A better way to handle this is to load, initialize all the multipages in the Page_Load or any other single event (DropDown selection etc.,) and then make it available for switching between tabs. You need to set the AutoPostBack property to false to avoid the PostBack.

If we load and intialize all the MultiPages in one single event, though it takes a little time initially to complete, later it provides a rich look and feel by avoiding a PostBack and ugly flashing of page everytime the Tab selected is changed.

Also, by this way you can also preserve the Controls' state across Tab switches. When you disable autopostback, you can notice that though you switch between the tabs, the controls in each tab dont lose their state. On the contrary if you have autopostback to true, you will be populating / initializing them on each postback and hence they may lose their state.

Thus, we can have a better way of displaying contents with IE Tabstrip webcontrol.

This article holds good only for ASP.NET 1.x versions since with ASP.NET 2.0 (scheduled to release this year), there are better controls than IE Webcontrols.

Cheers and Happy Programming !!!

Microsoft @ 30 - Looking Beyond !!!

Well, I am rather late on this topic. Microsoft Corporation has completed 30 years on September 23, 2005.

It has been a fabulous growth from a company which started with 2 inspiring men Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, the company has grown from a crumb to a champion in the Computer World.

I remember hearing about Microsoft as early as my 4th or 5th grade when I was roughly around 9 years. But, I seriously started working on Microsoft Technologies from 1994 that was during my school finals.

From then, till now and may be for the years to come, one thing that has been fascinating me about them is their Vision, Usability and Customer Experience.

The company has always been looking beyond and with the Windows Vista version of its operating systems, it will once again be proving that they work beyond boundaries and set new standards.

If you recall the event when Windows 95 was released, the number of enthusiastic people waiting to get their first copy of the release, you would realise that it stays the same still with people expecting and waiting to have their hands on Windows Vista, the new rich experience and with that the Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Communication Foundation and all the other things that come bundled with the Operating System.

My Microsoft MVP thing is of no relevance to this article and opinion of mine and its just the passion I have for a company, whose Passion is our Potential ("Your Potential")

Happy Birthday Microsoft and Wishing you Long Long years to go!!!

There is an interesting stuff on Microsoft @ 30 at their site which can be visited @
Microsoft @ 30