October 2005 Entries

MUGH TechFest - Now Happening !!!
The Microsoft User Group, Hyderabad's programming contest "TechFest" is now happening !!!It is open from September 7th and the two broad categories areCode Warriors 2005 & SQL Wiz 2005The nominations have been open for quite some time for submitting abstracts and they end by tomorrow October 20, 2005 There are lots of goodies and prizes to be won and it is a most valuable event organized by Microsoft User Group for Developers / Students who are aspiring developers.More information on this contest ......

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A better way of working with IE Webcontrol - TabStrip Control
IE Webcontrols are very useful in accomplishing rich user experience for your web applications with the controls like TreeView, TabStrip, MultiPage etc., which are not shipped out of the box with ASP.NET 1.x Versions. One of the commonly used IE Webcontrol is the TabStrip control. TabStrip control is mostly used in combination with MultiPage control. TabStrip provides you with Tab Control for your ASP.NET Page through which you can implemented a Tabbed User Interface of Menu, Options etc., When we ......

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Microsoft @ 30 - Looking Beyond !!!
Well, I am rather late on this topic. Microsoft Corporation has completed 30 years on September 23, 2005.It has been a fabulous growth from a company which started with 2 inspiring men Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975, the company has grown from a crumb to a champion in the Computer World.I remember hearing about Microsoft as early as my 4th or 5th grade when I was roughly around 9 years. But, I seriously started working on Microsoft Technologies from 1994 that was during my school finals.From then, ......

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