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Every project Ive ever worked on has always had issues with deployment [ not to mention source control]. One of my friends came up with a great php system; however Ive always wanted a .NET one. I finally found one on source forge that I checked out and its pretty impressive. I am a strong believer of at the bear minimum : dev to stage to production. If you also follow at least this system, you know the woes of copying files from each location and solving issues with accidental deployments. Wouldnt it be nice if I could have one web app to control all my applications deployments? This is what I plan to use Npublisher not only in my projects but as a module in rainbow.

Npublisher, a web application deployment system by Ting Huang , can solve most of small application deployment needs. It can even login to VSS and deploy code to multiple servers in asychronous processes as to not hold up the web application itself with file tasks. Another piece of funtionality I enjoy is the warm up feature. It seems that this feature can warm up actual web applications just by giving the url. This is pretty nice[neat] functionality and can make a deployment manager's job simple. I couldnt find a 2.0 version so I created my own. A screen shot is provided below.

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