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I like the new ribbon features of Microsoft Office, although sometimes finding things can be a little difficult, since I've been using office and wordperfect for years and years.  I recently bought PowerDirector because windows movie maker just wouldn't do what I needed to do.

Upon opening the app, I see nice looking UI, complete with what appears to be a ribbon interface, at least until you click on the "Home" button, and notice that there aren't any ribbons.  When you click on the "Home" button you get this:



Call me crazy, but I think that actually makes your life HARDER, not easier, since now you have the problems with mouse over, missing menus, etc, and I can't just go straight to "Playback," instead, I have to go to the home button and then to playback.  In the words of Maxwell Smart, "Missed it by that much."

Final gripe, I wanted to split a long movie into shorter clips.  I went through and split out all of the clips that I wanted, then hunted for hours for a feature that would take the clips and save them independently, or at least let me put them in a library and then produce them one by one.  No luck. :(  I had to clip, trim, produce, rinse repeat.

Oh well, it's better than Movie Maker.


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