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O.k., I'll admit, the first time that I used windows Vista backup, I was very underwhelmed, but it's grown on me, and now I'm a huge fan.  On Monday, I received a new hard drive from Dell.  It's bigger and doesn't make strange clicking and stalling noises like the old drive did. :)  I was pretty certain that the old drive was going to go.

To swap out the drives, I plugged in a USB drive with sufficient capacity and did a windows backup complete pc backup.  Once that was finished, I plopped in the new drive and my Vista installation DVD.  After the restart, I selected the Restore Vista options, found my complete backup and started the restore.  Once it was done, I rebooted and was up and running again.  That was it!  It just worked!  I spent less than 10 minutes (not counting actual backup time) on completely replacing the drive.  I've NEVER had a backup and restore go that smoothly.  In the past, I've always had to install the OS before I could get to the backup, and then it'd be a hassle because of drivers and such, and the final restore wouldn't quite be the same.  This restored things EXACTLY the same.

I did have to reauthorize Diskeeper, but that was the only thing that I had to touch.

Knowing that I can mount the complete backup using virtual PC is also nice.

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Same story here....

I had my only domain controller get software-whacked over a 3-day period of "installations of 3rd party stuff gone bad". The whole domain was new, so I just decided to test the back-up plan (which I had not done yet), which I had just changed from "raid+backups" to "scheduled backups" because of the better backup in Win2008 server (same as Vista, sort-of).

Anyway, in less than 10 minutes (using the WinSrv2008 on a USB key), my whole domain controller was back, and the domain functioning normally. It could not have worked better.

I promptly setup all of the Vista clients to use backup on a schedule. And upgraded the two remaining machines to Vista. I keep two identical drives in each machine (one for the backups).

All our important data is on the server, but since Backup is SO GOOD, it is easier for me to recover than rebuild. By far! So now I backup client machine installs as well. Perfect.
Left by joe on Oct 26, 2008 5:42 AM

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