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So I've been playing with WCF lately.  It's been rather interesting.  Here's the basic scenario:

Need a service (service a) that communicates with a back-end service (service b) with a limited number of communication channels available to service b, and with the need to make asynchronous calls to service a and for service a to queue any pending requests for service b and execute them when it gets the chance.

Enter WCF.  Basically, I developed a service contract for both synchronous calls and asynchronous calls and implemented two service hosts, one for each, over a net.tcp binding on an arbitrary port.

The cool thing is that you really can configure the entire communcation channel (endpoint) through the config files.

Things I learned:

1.  Use svcconfigeditor--it really helps.

2.  Generate your stub class using the svcutil /language:C# assembly /config:app.config

3.  Dual Channel over Http is MUCH, MUCH slower versus using a tcp channel (I'm guessing this is soap overhead).

4.  If you're getting a server too busy exception, check the service behaviors and ensure that serviceThrottling is set to where you want it.

<serviceThrottling maxConcurrentCalls="160" maxConcurrentSessions="100" />

Anyway, so far, so good.  This is great stuff--I didn't have to think much at all about what was happening under the sheets, although there is lots of good information out there about what is going on.

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