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Sometimes I think e-mail is a bad thing.

Over the weekend, our illustrious sales department decided to send out a new campaign to get old customers back to our service.  They didn't tell anyone, and rather than using the mechanisms provided by IT to them for the purpose of sending e-mail campaigns, they just opened up Outlook and started BCC'ing people.

They send a 2.2 MB file to THOUSANDS of people over our poor little T-1.  The mail server also isn't a super large server (the former sysadmin really underestimated the hard drive size), so they also filled up the hard drive on the server, causing Exchange to crash.  What a mess.

The server crashing caused our e-mail based product not to be delivered (I wish you could do multi-threaded sends with standard Notification Services, but you can't so we have to queue them to Exchange, since we don't have the time or money to write another queueing mechanism).

Oh, and the product they were selling?  A 30 day free trial.  Sheesh.  Of course the message was sent on a Saturday, when we don't have any staff in office, so guess what I ended up doing on Sunday?  Yup, cleanup.

Here's what I did:  Delete the transaction Log files in MDBData (yeah, that's bad, I know, but I didn't have any other choice).  Delete the log files in the message logging section.  Restart exchange server, watch hard drive refill because message logging is still enabled, turn off message logging, delete log files, restart exchange again and we're o.k.

If they'd only asked, we have WorldCast to send out the marketing messages, and it works great and doesn't crash the server.

Argh. . . I hate working weekends.

Posted on Monday, January 16, 2006 8:30 AM Work | Back to top

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