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Mini drones with cameras come in different varieties, each with its own unique set of features. While some of the drones have been designed with just the basic features, a lot of development has taken place in the technology sector which has led to improvement in the drones. There are several factors you may need to consider while determining the best mini drones that will perfectly fit your use. Let us have a look at some of them:


Most of the high performing drones are not limited in usage and thus are said to have a high functionality. For instance, we have some limited small drones with the camera that can only be used either indoors or outdoors. On the contrary, other drones can be used both indoors and outdoors. This makes them suitable for capturing footages both inside and outside buildings.


The speed of a drone determines the number of tasks it can perform in a moment. For instance, some drones that are in a market have a high speed of up to 11 mph. This speed makes them capable of doing stunts that have a super high level of accuracy and precision. With such drones, it is easy to perform a number of tasks in a super short time.


The capacity of imagery that a drone has is among the critical features that are there. Among the high performing drones have a high memory and hence can be used to take so many footages without having to format the memory card. Most of the photographers that perform photo shoot in occasions prefer to get mini drones with a relatively high memory.

Obstacle sensitivity

Among the best mini drones are ones that have some proximity sensors such that they can easily detect obstacles. The mechanism is that they slow down soon after detecting a close proximity with an object and eventually stops. This saves the drone from breakage that would have resulted from the impact.


Manual drones can be very difficult to operate and require a super high level of coordination between the eyes and the hands. An automated mini-drone with the camera is advantageous in that it automatically senses when in air, starts the engine automatically and eventually ensures a prompt stabilisation.

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