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Earlier this week I conducted a Training 3 hour Marathon Session on DotNetNuke; there were some follow up items on the session and answers to some questions I wanted to post out:


Some Questions Asked During the Training And Their Answers:


Question à How can I get DotNetNuke Templates for Visual Studio.NET 2005 Professional?

Answer à You’ll need to download DotNetNuke Starter Kits at - and install them.



Question à When I am designing my own containers – what do tags like “[ACTIONBUTTON:1]” – “[ACTIONBUTTON:2]” etc mean?

Answer à [Actions] “New in rel 3 are the Actionbutton that gives the opotunity to show links or icons in the container for a few actions. All those are documented in the skin document.

Maps to ModuleActionType in DotNetNuke.Entities.Modules.Actions:
[AddContent| EditContent| ContentOptions| SyndicateModule| ImportModule| ExportModule| OnlineHelp| ModuleHelp| HelpText| PrintModule| ModuleSettings| DeleteModule| ClearCache| MoveTop| MoveUp| MoveDown| MoveBottom|
MovePane| MoveRoot]“

(Answer source:


Question à Can DotNetNuke use Oracle?

Answer à Yes. Third Parties have written Oracle Data Providers for DotNetNuke. One Example is available at Most of these are not open source products however.


Question à DNN uses Microsoft Data Application Blocks internally and it uses the SQLHelper Class which was a part of the old Microsoft Data Application Blocks. Since the new application block supports Oracle will I start using oracle if I were to implement my SqlDataProvider differently and use the new Application block.

Answer à The answer is yes and No. With a little bit of tweaking you could probably do this on your own custom module. However, to make a DNN site run completely on oracle you will have to modify Data Provider for each and every out of the box module manually which can turn out to be quite a bit of effort. This is exactly what is done by the Third Party Data Providers at Snow-covered.

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