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My experiments with asp.net mvc, jquery, wpf, silverlight, sharepoint, tdd and design patterns.

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.NET 4

.net 4
Going through a VS 2010 IDE Features. We will explore each feature in subsequent posts. The post are documented as being reviewed by me. Breakpoint Labeling Breakpoint Searching Breakpoint Import/Export Dynamic Data Tooling WPF Tree Visualizer Call Hierarchy Improved WPF Tooling Historical Debugging Mini-Dump Debugging Quick Search Better Multi-Monitor Support Highlight References Parallel Stacks Window Parallel Tasks Window Document Map Margin Generate from Usage Concurrency Profiler Inline Call ......

c# 4.0 Part 1 The following are some of the new features and few interesting things you can do with c# 4.0. - Named and Optional Parameters - ExpandoObject - Interface with Python (and example) Program 1 class Program { // Optional parameters should be at the end static void PrintMessage(string name = "World", string greeting = "Hello") { Console.WriteLine("{0} {1}", greeting, name); } static void Main (string[] args) { PrintMessage("World", "Hello"); // prints "Hello World" PrintMessage(greeting:"Good... ......

ASP.NET 4 Setting Client IDs Another most wanted feature of asp.net 4 is the ability control client ID generation. At least I am happy with this. With prior version of asp.net it was always difficult control the control id generation though not impossible. Why is this important? If you can control ID generation then the markup size may dramatially reduce which may result in improved performance. The gain may around 15% reduction in terms of markup size in case of complicated nested pages. The new ......

ASP.NET 4 Permanently Redirecting a page You may have faced this problem of moving pages in a web applications around which can leat to an accumulation of state links in search engines. Traditionally developers have handled requests to old URL's by using Response.Redirect method to forward request to new URL. However as you may be aware of the Redirect method issues an HTTP 302 Found status (temporary redirect) response , which results in an extra HTTP round trip to the server when users attempt ......

ASP.NET 4.0 State Compression Session state compression was always a worry in the past. With asp.net 4.0 this feature is built into the framework. Just modify your web.config with the following changes and you are ready to go. Now there will be less data travelling through the wire. <sessionState mode="SqlServer" sqlConnectionString="data source=dbserver;Initial Catalog=aspnetstate" allowCustomSqlDatabase="true" compressionEnabled="true" /> Just add the "compressionEnabled="true" to sessionState ......