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Application Architecture Consideration

The following is the topics that we have to be good at  as part of our understanding about  "Application Architecture".  I am noting these points
as it crosses my mind. Will need to add more depth to these points.

- Performance
- Reliability
- Availability
- Security
- Modifiability
- Portability
- Functionality
- Extensibility
- Interoperability
- Usability
- Maintainability
- Efficiecy
- Reusability
- Ease of Deployment
- Rollback strategy
- Configuration Management
- Administration
- Scalability
- Monitoring
- Development Productivity

We will be delving deeper into these areas as we go along.  As I delve deeper into these areas the more depth it seems to have.  Never know
when the hunger for knowledge ends.    The deal is to identify appropriate tools and resources for each are.

I will invite you you have a look the the following resource  These site details some of the high level architecture of sites
like ebay, google, 37signals and many more.  I bet you will find this pretty interesting and addictive.

Happy reading.


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