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Welcome to the 2nd series of building a blog engine.  In the first part we have laid out the foundation for this application and modeled the DB  structure for quick mockup.

You can read the first part here lets-build-a-simple-blog-engine-eboard---1.aspx

One thing I missed to mentioned in the first part is the we will be using the excellent ELMAH for error logging.  This is a pretty cool module which hooks up to the system
and logs all exceptions without writing a single line of code.

You can read more about ELMAH at

What we will be doing is creating the public facing website first rather than creating the administration screens.  We will decide upon the themes to use and mockup a
quick prototype for the public view.

The following the is the project structure I came up with.  This is just skeleton and the meat will be added incrementally over next couple of weeks.

Project Structure

I have divided the project according to the responsibility of each component.  As you can see we will be using the LinqToSql along with the Repository pattern for
data access.  This will provide us with the flexibility to switch data provider at will and also provides the principle of OCP (Open for Extension and Closed for Modification).

I prefer to keep the model in a separate project rather than keeping it along with the web project.  For this project the controllers wil be lying in the default "Controllers" folder.

We will also change the layout of the "Content" folder.  The content folder is where all your css are kept.  We will take a different approach possibly to enable easy theming
of our blogs.

Watch for the next post, where we will be mocking up the public site for the blog. 



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