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Oh Yeah!

It was Miguel Castro at our local user group meeting (, speaking about building
Web Controls.

It was indeed an interesting session, with Miguel. He was really prepared and was really active. Most of the members in our group are either beginners or are getting into .NET.

As Miguel told (or complained) that building web controls are an area which most developers (or the powers-to-be, for that matter) do not like to swim in. I get complains from fellow developers around of how the DataGrid or LisBox do not give them what they need. Well, if they could see them as just templates rather than a fully blown product for them to use, they could really take the advantage of extending the functionality. My favourite quote - "No one can make the whole world happy. Not even Microsoft." But it does make our life easier. With passion and courage, Miguel showed us that extending the functionality of the existing controls or building a new one from the scratch is not that hard and cumbersome as we think it is.

The most important (and confusing) area is State Management. I got lost in that area and got my doubts cleared with Miguel after the session.

We are really proud for having Miguel with us.

Three Cheers to Miguel.
Three Cheers to Judy.

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Thanks for the great comments - it was fun being there!
Left by Miguel on Feb 23, 2006 12:27 AM

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