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Well, I have been developing web applications for about 6-7 years now. ADA compliancy struck my day to day life during the last project I worked, for Department of Public Welfare, called HCSIS (Home and Community Services Information System). It is one of the best projects I have worked on. I have a special place for this project in me, as it is an application which has changed more lives.

Back to what I intend to talk about - ADA. For the uninitiated, ADA stands for American Disability Act. As a law, all government web sites (take a note) should be ADA compliant. I said web sites, didn't I? Why didn't I say “all goverment applications“?

I am currently designing and developing two versions of the application for the Department of State (of PA). One is the Web Application piece and the other is the Windows application piece. The Web application is already ADA compliant, as we have all the standards and guidelines and tools in place to test the same. I have been searching for ADA guidlines for Windows applications, but did not reach anywhere.

If any of you have any leads towards this, I would appreciate you sending me the same.


I was looking for this.

I had posted a question in Joel on Software. And one answered. Thanks a lot, friend.

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