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.NET DAD .NET, once more...

He asked. And I said yes!

With having immense experience as a visiting faculty in my TCS years, I knew (As Tommy Lee Jones says, “100 years back man KNEW that earth was flat!”) that it would be a piece of cake.

I was wrong (again!).

These friends of mine (2 others joined later) come from a very different background. Mainframes!

So, the question was WHERE WOULD I START? I can go on for hours blabbering HTML, or talk OO concepts and dive into Design Patterns. Even though HTML and OO concepts are necessary for a beginner in .NET, it was not practical enough.

Here is what I did:

1. Told them to study HTML on their own.

2. Gave a brief introduction on OO concepts.

3. Did not talk any thing about Design patterns (I did something right!)

4. Gave a brief introduction on ASP.

5. Explained why, what and how of .NET in general.

I could see their head spin. Mine would too if some one did this to me (He wouldn't be alive to see my head spin :-)).

But all went well (I think), and the day rested.

The second day is coming and I feel like a kid. Again :WHERE DO I START?



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I have a friend (has no experiences developing web apps) wanne learn .NET, I basically asked her to come up with a simple app that she likes (she came up with this real estate listing app, since she's looking for houses and she used a few sites, knows what's going on), in 3 weeks (12 hours in total), she knows how to do all the basic crud operations.

So we started with what she wants to see (like house price, year, model, location, etc etc)..., then


1. design databse tables, created store prcedures
2. Learned drag and drop textbox and etc onto an "add" .aspx page
3. learned how to submit the .aspx page and get the value out of them


1. learned validators (requiredv and comparev)
2. learned server events (when clicks submit, call a submit function)
3. copy pasted my EntLIB standard store procedure calls (non-transaction based)

Bang, by week 2, she knows the basic for crud.


1. To display an "overview" of the data inserted, we learned repeater, how to display database info
2. Learned transaction. How to handle double insert

It's week 4 right now and she can do all the basic things I ask her to, not bad for 16 hours.


Left by liming on Nov 10, 2005 5:06 PM

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and oh btw, i didnt' really explain to her all the basic infos like html and blah , cuz she would feel bombarded.

I just told her, this is how you do it, copy and past, drag and drop. Follow the directions, very routine.

Now that she's familiar with coding inside of the .aspx pages, we are going to move the code out into visual (this is where I plan to teach her the concept of OO, sepearte logics by namespace, classes and etc) One step at a time.

good luck to your friends. We need more .net develoepers. :)
Left by liming on Nov 10, 2005 5:12 PM

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Thanks Liming. That was not a bad approach at all. May be I will merge your approach with mine. Lets see how it works. I will keep updating this post.
Left by Rajeev Gopal on Nov 10, 2005 5:24 PM

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