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When I got my DELL computer on 2002 spring, it was the state-of-the-art machine. Now, no one would even take it for a donation.

Well, that's how technology works, right?

That's not the point of the post, though. This is the pain I took for installing VS2005 Beta into my machine. I recieved the BETA DVD from my local .NET User Group and also from Microsoft directly. When you try to install VS2005, it also installs Windows Installer 3.0. That's where I got burned. It wouldn't install Windows Installer 3.0 on my machine. Dont know why, it just wouldn't! Then I started working on getting it installed seperately. All the links from Google or Microsoft took me to the download page for the Installer 3.0 for XP. I sometimes really feel left alone for using Win2K now, as MS is really pampering XP.

Somehow I found what I wanted (for the Win2K Professional). And lo, the VS2005 DVD detected the Installer 3.0 and passed its own installation. Everything ended well and I am on my trial run with the Whidbey!

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