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Nearly a year since my last post, I'm finally back (must have lost my password for a while, heheh).

Anyway, for the last year I've been applying for jobs like crazy. The news is that I won't be unemployed for much longer! In september I'm starting a Ph.D at Leicester University in the UK. I will be based in the Embedded Systems Laboratory and my project is to write a compiler for a not-yet-developed language targetting a not-yet-designed processor -- should be fun! So I'll be a student again, but this time they'll pay me for it (a professional student)! And I'm using way too many exclamation marks!

I've noticed that a lot of people have been commenting on my previous blog entries (particularly the ones on Extending RichTextBox). It's nice to see that people are finding these useful, but I can't really help anyone with the code that is there (I barely remember writing it). Sorry, but it shouldn't be too hard to work out if you play with it.

I've also changed my email address -- it's now and uses a challenge/response spam filter (so be prepared for an automated response if you send me email).

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I am back, but also extremely busy :)

I've been updating all my old posts to a new format -- I've insanely chosen to do syntax highlighting by hand in my earlier posts, so it's taking forever. Sorry.
Left by Pete on Sep 04, 2004 6:29 PM

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