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I had forgotten that this blog even existed and am impressed that it has remained up so long. In any case, I now have a new site located at, which I am occasionally updating.

Oh, and I'm a Mac OS X user now, so don't expect much in the way of WinForms content there :)

Looks like my computer is doing a windows update. I didn't ask it to (I don't have automatic updates turned on), but I guess this is WinXP SP2 installing itself. I'm a bit pissed off that it didn't even tell me it was going to install something -- it just appeared as an icon in the notification area. If it suddenly pops up a dialog asking me to reset ......

As promised earlier, I've added the ability to change the background colour of the text. I've also made one or two minor changes to the rest of the code, which I'll detail at the end.

Microsoft Word and Visual Studio have one very cool feature in common -- squiggly underlining of errors. As of richedit 3.0 (distributed with Windows 2000 and higher, possibly also with ME) we can get these in the RichTextBox. Actually, we can get a lot more underline styles than that...

I've long since given up on using RichTextBox for a code editor, but while I was investigating its use I came across a number of ways to improve it's functionality. I'll present these here in a series of posts on the subject.. first up is how to speed up the control's updating, as well as adding one little extra formatting option.

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