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Day two started off with the best session (in my opinion) that I went to. It was "Reverse Engineering Malware" presented by Erik Mork (can't find a site) & Ted Neward. This was a great session that went into using debugging tools to drill down into code to which you may not have the source, but still want to figure out what it may be doing. It's something that's often of use to me, and although it may be over my head at times I'm still always trying to find out more. I had a great time in this session, and even got a t-shirt as schwag. Excellent.

The next session I went to was Scott Hanselman's "Ultimate Tools for the Ultimate User". This was a 75 minute whirlwind overing a number of great tools and techniques to make every computer user more efficient, especially developers. I laughed, I cried, I found a bunch of new tools to use.

The list of tools can be found here:

We decided to leave early on Sunday. Even though I wanted to stick around and catch Chris Sells' Avalon session in the afternoon I was worried about traffic heading back to Vancouver. It was good that we did come back early because the drive back ended up taking us almost seven hours including traffic and waiting at the border.

All in all it was a very enjoyable long weekend and a really fun code camp. I don't know if we'd go all the way back to Portland next time, it was a little far, but if there was another one in the Seattle area I'd definitely be interested.

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