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Jackie Huba from Church of the Customer writes about how movie theaters should stop wasting our time and money by playing advertisements before the movies.

Don't these people get it yet? We are paying customers who fork over money for a ticket and snacks, and get there a bit early to find a good seat and are then held captive by 15 minutes of ads before the previews. Plus we have to put up with rude people, patrons who consistently talk, cell phones ringing and babies crying. I've yet to see any usher ask these people to keep it down.

With the way technology is going it won't be long before I buy that huge TV and sound system and never go to the theater again.

If you feel strongly about this there is a link on Jackie's post to let the movie theater companies know how you feel. Make your voice heard.

Posted on Friday, February 4, 2005 4:28 PM Life | Back to top

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