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I attended the MSDN Deep Dives event here in Montreal the other day and was very impressed. The talk was on Building Connected Applications, something I have to work with on a daily basis. The concepts put forth were very interesting. Something we struggle with at work is making sure that the data we need to move between systems maintains it's integrity as it's passed along. We do a good job of it too, but even 0.01% of data loss can be a big deal to clients with millions of rows of data spanning hundreds of tables.

The idea of a solid, persistent service to move data around is something that needs to be easier to implement and plug in to as the world becomes more connected. I was really inspired by this talk.

So, thanks to the presenters Mark Speaker (no blog?), Adam Gallant and the third speaker who did the introduction (sorry I didn't catch the name) great job guys.

Finally, to cap it all off everyone received a free copy of Enterprise Integration Solutions autographed by co-author Mark Speaker. It looks like a very good book so far, a good mix of introductory architecture concepts and hands on examples to get you started in the right direction.

Oh, and they also touched a bit on Pat Helland's Metropolis analogy, which I had written about previously, which was neat.

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