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I'm currently just completing a project to replace a piece of misguided multi-media nonsense - a "turning page" magazine. The original project used Flash to present content in a jazzy magazine style format complete with turning page animation, and in doing so decided to defy nearly every rule of UI design.
Everyone (well just about) knows how to use a web page. Simple sites with clear navigation options mean that the user is instantly comfortable, and intuitively knows how to use the site. Features whereby visitors have to turn a dial or flick a page mean that users have to learn something new. This is disastrous for any site that is trying to present information to users quickly, efficiently, and unobtrusively. In particular the linear "next page, previous page" navigation through the turning page magazine meant that finding the article you were interested in on page 47 was an incredibly tedious and frustrating procedure.
Well I got my way, and my replacement site has just been given a go-live date by the board. Hooray.
But hang on a minute, here comes Silverlight, and a slew of new demo apps featuring fantastic new navigation options and "user friendly" features, and of course my favourite is..... a turning page style magazine. Doh!
This sort of technology should come with a health warning. BE CAREFUL. The demo might impress your boss, but use this stuff sparingly. If you think you have redefined the way people use the web with your latest project, then you're either a genius, or very badly mistaken - and its very, very unlikely that you're a genius isn't it now?
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