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It’s easy to forget that mere mortals have to live with ought an up to date MSDN subscription to hand.

After my triumphant installation of Vista (I’m coder at heart, any other IT related achievement sees me flushed with pride), I had to flatten and re-install the mother-in-laws pc at the weekend (there must be a gag here somewhere).

Back at the lab this wouldn’t present a problem, but cut off from the internet (the reason for the rebuild) and armed only with the dell re-installation cd it was another matter.

To cut a long story short, installing XP SP1 and then downloading the remaining upgrades takes about a year – even on a decent connection.

But worse than that, XP SP1 announces itself to the internet like a lonely film star walking into the wrong part of town. It was always going to be race to download the latest virus definitions before the viruses found me, but I’m sorry to say that first time out I lost. All the way back to format c: for me.


Next time I try to help, remind me to just cart everything back to the office. It will be a lot less painful for everyone. Posted on Monday, January 1, 2007 10:27 PM | Back to top

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