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Recently, John and I have been investing in equipment upgrades that will help the audio quality of our podcast, as well as speed up the process of editing and getting the shows out to you guys. Along with the new equipment, we have reorganized the studio to get the best audio out of our local mics. Take a look and post any questions you have.

Instead of keeping all the equipment on my desk and recording off of John's, we decided to consolidate everything to a single location. This keeps us focused on the interview instead of watching how the recording is going.
The 21.4in Flat Panel is one of our most recent purchases. Editing on a TabletPC display is not the ideal situation if speed is a factor. We needed something big, so we found the biggest one we could purchase locally. This makes editting much easier, but the next device helps out even more.
Scott Hanselman first introduced us to the Ergodex, and I have to say, this is an amazing product that can be used in many different situations. For us, when we edit we only have a few repetitive keystrokes that we make and having them scattered across a keyboard or as multiple combined keystokes, we were not as efficent as we could be. This device allows you to associate keys or combined keystokes to a single key that you can place anywhere on the grid. Truely amazing product.
First off, analog hybrids, like our previous device, are not good for interviews. They just can't cut it because you have no control over the trans-hybrid loss I discussed in the Digital vs. Analog Hybrid post. We talked with Carl Franklin, of the .NET Rocks fame, and he told us about a device called the Telos ONE Digital Hybrid. All shows after Steve Loethen's have been recorded using this device and I hope you have noticed a change in the quality.
Now John's Desk is clean and his microphone is not longer facing the abyss of empty space.
My desk no longer has all the equipment on it, and you could say I have an office with a view.

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