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I've recently changed my mobile phone to a top of the line Motorola RAZR

This phone does way more than I actually care to grasp ... like, ya know, mainly I JUST want a phone - but, for all the cool things it does, what's it missing?

Recently, here in the UK, we entered into British Summer Time (that's prob called Daylight Savings for the rest of the world) and thus, personally, a reduction in my own clinical depression ... yet, this wonderful gadget didn't know that we'd changed our clocks [!!!] - and I have to adjust the time myself [even more !!!!!!!!!!!]

Now, I'm not [that] lazy!, but I kinda expect our modern phone wonders to be able to do this for me automagically.  Am I being absurd, am I expecting too much from a gadget that [AT LAST!] syncs with Outlook, charges from a USB slot, and that plays The Philosopher's Song as its ringtone :-) ???? 

What makes this worse [a double wammy if you will] is that I'm about to go on a jolly to Malta for a couple of weeks [you must understand that this is heady stuff - and that no Blue Lagoon will be involved!] - and, guess what - I'll have to adjust the time - again, both there, and when I get back to the UK of course.

Now, surely [I mean, my 6 year old VCR does this shit!] the various phone companies could [probably do?] broadcast the current [UST] time - and, surely, I should be able to say to my phone "I want GMT" - or, better still, "I want LOCAL time" [no matter what it is].  And, the phone should know what UST is, and then adjust to what I WANT- it's as simple as that  Well, you'd think!

You know what else these phones should do?  When you drop out [we're all too tolerant of that!], the phone - or the phone company - should know where that happened and do two things.

A) refund you the call charge.  B) look into strengthening it's coverage in that area!!!!

Posted on Wednesday, March 29, 2006 3:30 PM | Back to top

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