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Ear Candles!
Just been reading this week's Spectator mag: it's not all Thinkgeek and Slashdot stuff with me you know! Anyway, I Just happened to find myself scanning the 'For MEN' bit in this. Most of the ads were for 'Professional Massage' - um, got me to thinking, were these coded ads, or legit? Normally, I'd have said 'code' - but, in The Spectator!? One ad was very interesting - coz if it was but a thin veneer for the phrase call me for a shag I wonder what undiscovered joys 'Hopi Ear Candles' might present!!! ......

Posted On Wednesday, August 24, 2005 6:46 AM

Feynman Prefers - The RED LEDS
Just found this potential ThinkGeek Action Shot - that I didn't use: opting instead for a shot of my training program running. Anyway, thought I'd post it here - just for fun.

If anyone's got a ThinkGeek Binary Watch, I posted a link to my training program for it here

Posted On Saturday, August 6, 2005 9:53 AM

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