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Paul Mehner blog July 2005 Entries
Fun With Team Services
I have a virtual image for the beta release of Team Services and thought I would lay it down on my notebook computer. After clearing the 10 gigs of storage that I needed for the image, the minimum amount of RAM necessary could not be scraped out of my poor little 1-gig notebook... guess I need a notebook upgrade! So its on to exploring more beta software... setting up MS Virtual Server Beta to host a full implementation of Team System on. I'll keep you all informed about how things go. If I have ......

Posted On Friday, July 29, 2005 2:15 AM

TSQL Try/Catch For Yukon
While I was surfing for some information I came across Alex Papadimoulis' weblog which has an excellent outline of SQL 2005 TSQL Try/Catch code. It will be interesting to follow the adoption rate of Yukon by Washington state government agencies. Will agencies immediately recognize and embrace the business value of Yukon, or will it be 2009 before the product becomes mainstream in Olympia, WA? What do you think ......

Posted On Wednesday, July 20, 2005 2:22 PM

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