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Paul Lee Sharepoint bumps and bruises

Got woken up this morning by frantic people in Amsterdam.  Their document libraries stopped receiving emails! 

First thing I checked was to make sure emails were still making it to the sharepoint server.  To the IIS drop box at least...  So I sent a test email there.

Yep, they were definitely getting there.  And they were disappearing too so that means the timer service was working and picking them up.  So where the hell were they going? 

So I throttled the email events:

After sending another test email, here's what showed up in the event logs:

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: Windows SharePoint Services 3
Event Category: E-Mail
Event ID: 6873
Date:  4/20/2009
Time:  3:15:26 PM
User:  N/A
An error occurred while processing the incoming e-mail file C:\Inetpub\mailroot\Drop\f83e047f01c9c1b9000000bb.eml. The error was: Unknown alias..

The event type was Warning.  This is just a Warning?!?!?

Here's what I found out before calling premier and before doing any more research on this.  If you go to the Incoming email settings of the document library:

You can just click OK on the settings page without changing anything and emails will magically start working again.  Wow.  What a fix!  The best thing is that the end users can do this themselves.  :)  So I called them and asked them to go to each of the document libraries and do this. 

Here's the real cause and fix for this after doing some research.  Occasionally, the email addresses in the config db can get deleted (corrupt) without warning. 

The quick fix is:

stsadm -o refreshdms -url <url of web application>

The permanent fix is to install the hotfix or even better, install the Feb CU and get it over with.

Apparently, if sharepoint doesn't know what to do with an email or there is some kind of error (or warning) it will just be launched into orbit.  Never to be seen again.  Shouldn't it go into the Badmail folder or something?

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# re: Sharepoint lists stop receiving emails
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Thanks alot, saved me a headach.
Left by Ben Pearce on Oct 26, 2009 9:43 PM

# re: Sharepoint lists stop receiving emails
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Yes... Thanks!
Two notes on my experience:
1. The hotfix info states you will not have to restart. I did have to restart and there was some downtime during the install while it took services down and you do have to run the Sharepoint config after install. I choose to do the hotfix instead of teh CU because i needed to do this during business hours so i wasnt to happy when i foundout there was downtime. Just so you are aware.

2. After installing the hotfix it still didnt work. I tried going into the doc lib settings > incomming email settings and just click OK, but that didnt work. I actually changed the email address slightly, Clicked OK > Went back in and changed the email address back > Clicked Ok and its working fine now. I coudl have used the stsadm cmd but for some reason i went the other route.

Just some added info from my experience. I appreciate your posting this!

Left by Chris on Nov 04, 2009 9:31 AM

# re: Sharepoint lists stop receiving emails
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I am seeing a message "Access to the website has been blocked". Checked if site was readonly, it was not. Checked if a Quota was set, and it was. Any more thoughts?
Left by Boomer on Jan 06, 2015 9:17 PM

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