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Top Ten New and Exciting Features in ASP.NET 2.0
ASP.NET 1.0 was a revolutionary advance in developing Web Applications. With its fully complied, highly extensible Server-Side control model, it was one of the best applications of Microsoft’s .NET runtime. It solved many of the issues plaguing ASP developers, and kept the development-centric philosophy that made ASP such a huge hit amongst the web-client community. With ASP.NET 2.0, the ASP.NET team has continued to lead the way in making developer’s daily lives more enjoyable. The main ......

Posted On Friday, September 10, 2004 1:56 PM

Second Generation Validation
Professional Validation and More: VAM is the second generation of ASP.NET web page validation, greatly expanding upon the concept. Microsoft's ASP.NET Validation controls are very limited, causing you to write custom code and hacks. In many cases, there is no way to enhance it to get the features you want. VAM overcomes these limitations, saving you development time and allowing you to build the best UI for your sites. Validation involves the rules to evaluate data entry fields and a user interface ......

Posted On Tuesday, September 7, 2004 1:30 PM

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Myths!
I was reading an article at “Enterprise Architect Online” on “SOA: Debunking 3 Common Myths” . It clearly states 3 common misunderstandings regarding SOA. To sum up the things following are the 3 points: 1- SOA is Object Oriented!SOA must not be thought of as an evolution in Object Oriented Systems. Rather SOA has nothing to do with Objects, Classes and components for that mater. It is something beyond that rather “(Vertically) above“that. SOA can be thought of ......

Posted On Friday, September 3, 2004 12:35 PM

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