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There's a post title that'll screw with Google results.

My fortune cookie from Panda reads: Avoid unchallenging occupations - they waste your talents.  This is followed by what appears to be a little ad for Panda Express and Panda Inn (I guess those are the occupations that wouldn't waste my talents).  Overall, I agree with the cookie, but I could use a little less challenge for a while.

I haven't posted in a bit largely because of the challenge.  Writing your own MVC framework from scratch is not something normal people should be doing.  Today, I'll be meeting with my boss to get some guidance from the master on a few choke points in my development (i.e. points at which I started to choke myself while developing), so maybe I'll be able to get this project behind me, shortly.

Developing framework code is a really different animal than developing business process code.  I think it is, anyway.  It's one thing to design and build a better bookshelf; it's another thing altogether to design and build a better hammer suited for building bookshelves.  It's a level of abstraction I'm not used to working with and, although I appreciate the wise sage who wrote my fortune cookie, it's been a real source of stress.

So, for all my developer brothers and sisters who are currently in the depths of a project that feels somewhat too big, and every step forward takes such an amount of effort that staying where you're at actually sounds pretty good - I'm with you.

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