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Utkarsh Shigihalli Microsoft MVP and Microsoft ALM Ranger writing on Visual Studio Extensibility, ALM and .NET

.NET assemblies contain full name, also known as fully qualified name. The full name is stored in the meta data of the assembly and it used by .net runtime to uniquely identify it from another with the same name. The fully qualified name is majorly used during assembly resolution and during registering http handlers. For more information on Assembly Full Name read here

However, it is somewhat cumbersome to get this full name from an existing assembly. I usually use either .net reflector or through some other decompiler for this. However, the issue I faced with these tools was that they are majorly used for decompiling the assembly and I do not have the option to copy the full name. Also, to load the full application just to get the full name of the assembly seemed too tedious to me. Hence I developed a small shell extension which adds a new context menu “Assembly Full Name” to .net assemblies. With this, you can view just the full name and also copy the same to clipboard. Below is the small demo video of its working as it does not need much of explanation. If this sounds useful to you, download it from my website away and leave me your feedback.



Posted on Saturday, July 27, 2013 5:51 PM C# , .NET , Shell , Windows | Back to top

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