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The issue is Vignette makes LDAP v.2 requests that are load balanced to a Master and Consumer, Sun Java System Directory Server 5.2.  I must parse the transactions to identify “read“ and “write“ requests.  Read requests may be sent to either servers, while the write requests must be sent only to the Master LDAP server.

Read request redirected to Master or Consumer LDAP server:

  • SearchRequest
  • CompareRequest


Write requests forwarded to Master LDAP server:

  • ModifyRequest
  • AddRequest
  • DelRequest
  • ModifyDNRequest


Operations common to both Master and Consumer LDAP servers:

  • BindRequest
  • UnbindRequest
  • AbandonRequest
  • ExtendedRequest
Posted on Thursday, September 9, 2004 4:58 PM F5 networks | Back to top

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