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Given the time (nearly 2 days!) it's taken me to get to the bottom of this I thought it worthy of a blog post hopefully saving someone the hours of frustration i've just been through.  I know my FTP code works very well, around 50 different customer sites with very few support calls confirm this, on this one installation however my xml documents would not arrive at the web server.  My logging code confirmed that we were connecting to the server ok, successfully managing to cwd to the appropriate directory yet sending the file would fail with a 550 error code, same results from the server and any machine on the domain. 

My customers hardware supplier assured me they'd adjusted the firewall to allow ftp and it must be my codes fault, not so, after dialling in to the server and looking at the firewall rules within isa management console, you can right click the firewall rules, choose configure and a dialog will appear with a solitary check box "Read only" which defaults to ticked when adding ftp rules, un-tick that, restart and it all worked.

Their hardware company had convinced me it must be my code, I ended up installing visual studio on one of their machines to step through my code convinced it must be a bug.  Not happy when I found out my code was fine and i'd been pulling my hair out because of their incompetence, anyway, I hope this helps someone out...

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Thanks for the post I myself was working on this issue for way to long couldent find anything on Microsoft KB ran acrost your post and it saved the day. Thanks man.
Left by Kent on Nov 30, 2008 7:07 AM

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