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I wanted to take a moment and jot down some of my initial impressions on the announcements coming from the Apple hype machine today at the keynote. Not being able to attend - largely due to it selling out in two hours - made me especially bitter that Apple would not allow the event to be streamed live. Steve said during the keynote that if they sold more tickets he didn't know where they would hold it. Considering it takes place at Moscone West, the smaller of the two centers, try moving it across the street to the full sized Moscone Center. So I scrambled around the web watching small feeds here and there until each was suddenly dark after being discovered by the roving Apple police at the keynote.

New in iOS 5:

Notification Center – this is a very welcome addition and one that people have been asking about for quite some time. I cant say I always understand the priority Apple gives to improvements in the iOS. I had jailbroken my iPhone for a while for this one function alone. I hated having to unlock my screen each time to see who an email was from or its importance. PS This has been in WP7 since day one.

iMessage – I didn’t see this one coming since the phone has the ability to SMS text – although those of us with unlimited texting probably take this for granted. And I know my kids hate not being able to text from their iPod Touches. Users of Blackberries love this feature on their devices as well so I will be curious to see how it goes on the iPhone. Apparently the different chats (iMessage and SMS) are color-coded. Hopefully iMessage won’t be limited to Wi-Fi like FaceTime is.

Newsstand – I think this feature will go over very well and is essentially iBooks for magazines and other periodicals. For this to work though the pricing has to be right. Hopefully the publishers will be smart enough to realize they can go to a lower price point without all the massive physical infrastructure needed to print and distribute a paper edition. Volume should allow them to make the same or more margins without gouging the customer for fear of lost ‘print revenue.’ If I have to pay the same price I do for Men’s Health on the newsstand, I am not buying.

Twitter – Integration of Twitter in to the iOS was something leaked early and turned out to be true – a rare win for the prognosticators. Basically, Twitter identity is a system setting and then Twitter integration is set throughout the iOS blurring the need for a separate Twitter ‘app.’ Hopefully they included all the functionality a good app does. PS Also available in WP7 since day one.

Reminders – This is a home run for me and my, honey-do, er, wife. Since I got the iPhone many years ago I have been looking for a good ‘to-do’ app. Having it built-in may be just what I was looking for. Previously I was using Google Tasks, but always had to launch and go to the web to get to it. Built-in alarms and reminders are just my cup of tea. Does it go to the iCloud? That would be another big bonus so I could access it, or my wife could add to it, from anywhere.

Camera – Apple added the ability to access the camera without unlocking the phone (yet another feature in WP7 since day one – sorry I cannot resist when Apple takes such pleasure in bashing MS and Google). They also added a suite of additional photo enhancing tools like cropping and auto-enhance..

Safari Reader & Tabs – The introduction of tabs was a welcome one in mobile Safari for iOS. Apple also introduced a streamlined ‘reader’ view that allowed all the other parts of a website to be stripped away making reading of articles or other stories more easy and enjoyable. You can also create a list of articles to read later on and it will sync across iDevices.

All in all, a good set of feature improvements. I have to say though, as a person who uses his device to a large extent for email I am still mystified by the lack of view filters for email. You can show only unread or only flagged\important messages. Perhaps we will see this in iOS 10. Smile

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