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It has been too long since I have last posted to this blog. Life has a way of taking over and the next time you put your head up it is 2011. I have been in a long long Exchange 2010 migration as well as some other family related things. Kids growing up, sports, travel, etc. I am sure Twitter and Facebook have also eaten in to my formal blogging activities. I have been posting there when I have had time. They lend themselves much easier to three sentence updates of the hectic lifestyle. I would feel way to guilty about filling up this blog with little blurbs and comments. For some reason I feel more compelled to post a minimum of a couple of paragraphs.

However, with MS TechEd 2011 coming up and all the findings of the migration to write about, I have decided to make a commitment to contributing to the blog again. Jeff also does such a wonderful job with this service, it seems a shame to neglect it.


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We are doing some cool stuff at TechEd so we definitely need to hang out.
Left by Jeff Julian on Apr 27, 2011 1:53 AM

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Left by Vapor Smoking on Apr 30, 2011 2:31 AM

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