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Microsoft may finally have a winning ad format in its PR battle with Apple. Their latest ads, to air during the NCAA Basketball Tournament, focus on the price of a PC running Windows vs. the price of an Apple computer, the only thing you can legally run the Mac OS on.

In these tough economic times, I think this is a solid strategy for Microsoft if you really don't have any druthers as to which OS you use, or are torn and are looking for a tipping point to help you make up your mind. However, I know a lot of geeks that love the Mac at heart, but simply cannot afford one. Even though they understand the concept behind this message, if they hit the lottery they would have fifteen Macs in their house in a heartbeat. So I don't know if the message will change anyone’s mind more than it might just point out the obvious to those that haven't considered it yet.

I myself, grew up on a Mac in desktop publishing. I then moved over to Windows as I became a systems engineer. At home, I always wanted a Mac, but couldn’t justify the extra spend and now have a Dell in every room (office + four kids) for the price of a Mac and a half.

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