I am in a training class all this week in Toronto at the EMC office in Burlington, ON for EmailXtender. Usually I am a well prepared traveler having consulted for many years. For some reason though I forgot my power adapter for my laptop on this trip. I sought out the local Best Buy to see what a universal charger (like the model from Kennsington) would set me back - Yikes! $125.00 CAD. I have my Blackberry so I thought I could make it through still having email and internet access from the device. One thing I was not looking forward to, however, was taking pen and paper notes. I am a OneNote junkie! I remembered Google Notebook and Zoho Notebook and having used Google's version on occasion decided to give the Zoho product a spin. While the results were overall positive, there where definitely some show stoppers IMO that will keep me from using it more.

1. Other shortcuts and links can high jack your browser window where you are taking notes. This happened to me after I had not saved for awhile. There doesn't seem to be an auto-save in the background every time you add new data as there is in OneNote. In OneNote you never have to do a File -> Save. I lost a half page worth of notes.

2. I cannot find a way to get the data *out* of Zoho Notebook so I can distribute it to my co-workers. You can publicly publish the pages, but I don't want to do that. It seemed simple enough to cut and paste the data from the last two days in to a Word doc, but Zoho will not let me. Some inferences on the forums point to the version of IE being the problem but I have tried it on IE6 SP1, IE7 and FF2 in XP SP2, Windows 2000 Server and Windows Vista Ultimate. No dice in any combination of browser and OS.

3. When you re-select Zoho Notebook as the active window and click on the page to begin typing the cursor always jumps to the top middle of the page and I have to use the arrow or page down key to get my cursor down to the bottom of the page where I was before I moved my focus to another window.

4. Can someone say numbering? Bullets? Bold? Italic? And make the default tool for a new page the text tool and not the drawing tool. It took me about 15 minutes to figure out why I couldn't type on the page! I think 90% of the people will be typing ...

5. Import OneNote files in to Zoho Notebook. I am NOT doing all that work over.

6. Spell-check. Not as much of a problem in FF2 - but still ...

7. Technical support. I submitted a question to the support forum yesterday around 6PM EST and it is still awaiting approval for submission the next day at 9AM EST. This seems like an unacceptable delay.

Update: Google Notebook has basic formatting like bold, italic and other. But alas, no numbering or bullets. It does, however, auto save my work every few minutes for me.