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Many of you that have been working with and paying attention to Exchange 2007 already know this - the new SMTP protocol has been re-written from the ground up as a separate component that is no longer dependent on IIS. Here is some more detail from DepLarge.doc - a guide on deploying Exchange 2007 in a large environment from Microsoft.


New SMTP Transport Stack

In Exchange 2007, the SMTP protocol is provided by the Microsoft Exchange Transport service (MSExchangeTransport.exe). In earlier versions of Exchange, the SMTP protocol service was provided by Internet Information Services (IIS). The SMTP stack is the core infrastructure of Exchange. Without it, you can't send and receive e-mail messages. Exchange 2007 provides a stable transport that addresses the most common security risks. By rewriting the transport stack in managed code and running as the Network Service account, we have reduced the risks that are associated with denial of service attacks. This new SMTP transport stack is a required part of Exchange. It eliminates the dependency on IIS and reduces the work that is required to help secure a server for perimeter network deployment.

The Microsoft Exchange Transport service controls every component of message processing, from SMTP IN to SMTP OUT. A series of configurable SMTP Receive agents are triggered at various SMTP events. The Microsoft Exchange Transport service enables these agents to process messages as they pass through SMTP transport, performing anti-spam, antivirus, and other tasks before messages are submitted to the categorizer. During categorization, name resolution, routing resolution, and content conversion occur. Additional agents are triggered at this point of the transport pipeline. These agents provide the Transport Policy and Compliance features that enable an administrator to determine how a message is handled and archived.

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