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A week out of the blogosphere feels good - and a refreshing way to recharge the batteries! Of course, now I have to wade through 700+ news items. I have not removed my laptop from its bag since December 22nd. It was hard at times, but I made it.

I noticed a lot of people are getting their blogs in a knot over Microsoft giving out some review laptops loaded with Windows Vista Ultimate to select bloggers. I wasnt selected so it is hard for me to be anything but envious. On the other hand, I find it hard to critisize the fruits of others hard labor. Will their view be influenced or slanted? Only time will tell. It would be extremely short sighted of them to compromise their blog's integrity for a laptop. In the long run reader's are savvy enough to tell posturing from the truth and then they will have no traffic or credability. Will they fabricate good reviews or old back on criticism? Again, I think no, they wont. I dont think (hope) they would trade a few not-from-the-heart blog posts for the next gift review unit to come down the river.

The week between now and January 8th when my beloved Ohio State Buckeyes will dismantle the University of Florida Gators seems like an eternity. Why the extra week? Why? You are only allowing more time for a student-athelete to do something stupid ill-advised and get themselves disqualified from the big game.

PS Notre Dame will continue its streak of losing in bowl games.

I have about five extra pounds to shed thanks to the holidays. My committment is to lose 45 lbs. by my birthday in June. I swear it! :) I have had success in the past, but I have also had success in putting it all back on. I have to be strong of mind and body to make this work.

And now Back to Exchange! Exchange 2007 is now available for download on MSDN and TechNet Plus Direct.


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