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I recently blogged about problems I was having getting Office Communicator installed in the latest build of Vista. After a couple more things went south on me ( a lot in part to trying to get the Cisco VPN Client to work) I went back to Windows XP SP2. If you can believe it (I have never seen this happen before) installing Virtual PC SP1 totally hosed my wireless networking adapter. I tried everything including removing the device, re-detecting it, re-installing the driver, etc. Finally I decided to uninstall Virtual PC and that went belly up as well. It never finished uninstalling and would just hang for hours. At that point I had little hope of getting my XP install back to the point where I would be happy with it. I had a system restore point, but something was prodding me to give Vista another shot.

This time I knew better than to even think about installing the Cisco VPN Client. I also disabled UAP via the registry as soon as I was logged in for the first time. And a side bonus was: Office Communicator installed and runs like a champ (as well as everything else so far)!

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How did you technically disable UAP via the registry in Vista? Some of our users are on Vista and need Communicator. Can you give me a step-by-step version of the process to modify the UAP in the registry?
Left by Kevin on Jul 13, 2007 1:21 PM

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