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My day started out very rough. Hit a few rough patches early on, but then turned around to end as one of the best days of the year!

I spent the night in the hospital last night. My wife had surgery yesterday and I stayed with her. No one wants to stay in the hospital, right?

Bright and early at 6 AM, I went to the car and discovered a flat tire. I am a software guy. Changing a tire is too much like hardware. I have changed 3 flat tires career total. In the course of changing the tire, I learned a lot about the Jeep Commander. One thing that I learned, the trusty jack that came with it will not in fact lift the car high enough to get the front tires off.

Funny story, it took me and 3 hospital security guards with 2 different jacks to actually change the tire. In the end, we had to resort to placing 2x4's on top of the jack to get the lift we needed.

Armed with a freshly changed tire, I proceed to take my daughter to day camp. It is now 8:30.

We packed a lunch for her, a lunch for me, and walked the dog. I am trying to put the tire changing adventures behind me. We rush out of the house hoping to make up some lost time.

I swear that I confirmed before we left that she had her lunch with her...

Amazingly the lunch was missing when we got to day camp. My lunch was in the car, but it was all alone!

So after getting more than a little upset about the whole missing lunch, I drop her off with my lunch and proceed on to work. Wondering how the day could get any worse.

Turns out just the exact opposite!

I get to work and discover that the current sprint is going very well. QA has accepted all of our user stories for the sprint nearly a day ahead of schedule. We may go home early unless one last round of testing finds anything.

That never happens! One of the rules of software development surely is that QA will find something at the last minute. The fact that this is a holiday weekend all but guarantees it, but we will keep our fingers crossed.

I am setting at my desk hoping for an early day, dreaming of the mythical gods of software development smiling down on me, whimsically imaging a day when QA signs off on a sprint at the beginning of the last day instead of at the last minute. Caught up in these dreams, I get a call from my wife.

The doctors have decided that she needs to move to a different floor. My initial reaction was shock and disappointment. I was afraid that we were returning to a day of everything going wrong. Moving hospital rooms is a pain, especially when the patient is alone. You have to pack up all your stuff. You have to unpack all your stuff. You have to break in new nursing staff. This new nursing staff has to wait on your orders to be transferred. If you are confined to a hospital bed with limited mobility, this cannot be good. If you desperately need sleep, this is most definitely bad. I am worried.

Turns out this new room will be twice the size of the old room. My wife loves it. The old room felt like a dungeon. This new room is wonderful. The move went smoothly. The gods of hospital room moves smiles on us.

But back at the office, I fear the good news. Surely these good fortunes and blessing won't last forever. Where is that other shoe?

Wonder of wonders, the sprint ends successfully. I do in fact get to leave the office at 1. A most excellent way to end a sprint.

Now off to the hospital. The new room seems like a luxury hotel room compared to the old room. There actually is a couch in the room. You can walk around without banging into polls or knocking over tables. It is amazing. It is unbelievable.

My day has taken a dramatic turn, several dramatic turns. Having started off so badly, I am very shocked at where I am now. Shocked and not entirely believing the transformation.

Surely there must be something wrong. Am I dreaming? Is there some hidden catch? There must be something that I am not seeing!

And then I get an email that would turn any day around all by itself no matter how bad it is.

For the first time ever, I was awarded an MVP award!!!!!!

Most readers on this blog site will know what a big deal this. For anyone not familiar with development in the Microsoft world, it is hard to explain, but trust me it is a big deal.

In summary, Sprint ended well and early on a holiday weekend. We are still in the hospital, but now in a room that most hotels would envy, and I was awarded an MVP award! Bad stuff happened this morning? Yea, I seem to vaguely remember something about that.

Here's hoping that everyone enjoys a wonderful holiday weekend.

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