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I thought that was an awesome idea from a marketing point of view. They will probably gather different opinions from other camps but this is still pretty mind blowing.

There is a huge difference between a company believing in the power of community and a company that does not. Take a look at all the multi-million dollar acquisition that happened recently. Google believed in it, YouTube believed in it, Facebook believed in it, Flickr believed in it and I think, Microsoft believed in it. In fact, their effort in community outreach via blogging, technology evangelism, technical conferences and the like seems to be paying off pretty well. Like it or not, these days,

Community = Money

If you are building a company, you had better build a community around it.

Back to the Ferraris. It's generally a great idea and really takes a company lots of commitment and belief on community collaboration in order to have ideas like this rolled out and implemented, Marketing people should know what I mean. I wonder if this will spur other companies to follow suit in a similar fashion, or will it change the face of blogging in the near future. Now that blogging is edging closer to becoming more of a marketing tool rather than something people do to satisfy their journalism fetish, it will be interesting to watch how and what it will eventually evolve into.

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