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Sharepoint 2010

I was working on a data view web part recently and i had to filter the data based on dates.Since the data source was web services i couldn't use the Offset which i blogged about earlier.When using web services to pull data in sharepoint designer you would have to use xpath.So for example this is the soap that populates the rows<xsl:variable name="Rows" select="/soap:Envelope/soap... you would need to add some ......

I was setting up a search service application today and enabling search and crawling content sources.But i decided to test the "Web Analytics Web Part".But when i added it i got the error: There are no addresses available for this applicationCheck that you started the “Managed Metadata Web Service”. This can be found here: Central Admin > System Settings > Manage Services On ServerCheck that you started the “Managed Metadata Web Service”. Hope that helps ......

I was working on some webpart in sharepoint designer 2010 and i decided to use the default custom paging.But i noticed the previous link page isn't working it basicalling just takes me back to the start page of the list and not the previous page after a good look i noticed micosoft is using "history.back()" which is suppose to work but it doesn't work well for paged data.Anyway before i started further investigation i found Hani Amr's solution at the right time and that did the trick.Hope that helps ......

I have been thinking for a while how i can reuse my code when building custom dataview webparts in sharepoint designer 2010.So i decided to use the XslLink which is one of the properties when you edit a sharepoint webpart.I started by creating a xsl file that i can use but after adding the link to the file like so:<XslLink>sites/ser... get the error : This web part does not have a valid XSLT stylesheet: There is no XSL property available for presenting ......

Just a quick one. I was trying to add and deploy a WSP file.Both went well until i tried adding the webpart and i get the error Web Part Error: No available sandboxed code execution server could be found. After doing some joggling around i came to know i had to start the Solution:You need to start the SharePoint Foundation Sandbox Code Service service instance from services on server.. This has to be done in the SP 2010 Central Admin > App Management > Service Apps > Manage Services on Server. ......

Surfed through this Sharepoint ebooks.

**Good as a reference and its update monthly


Just surfed on this Click here
Havent tested them out yet but if it works well then thumbs up guys


Before you get to see the template to install the BI center site you will have to activate the PerformancePoint Services Site Collection Features from the : Site Collection Administration > site collection features But after i activated it and try to create a site i get correlation error bla bla... After looking at the ULS log files i saw something related to not being able to use the SharePoint Server Publishing. So i went to the collection features and activate the SharePoint Server Publishing ......

While i was trying to setup some reports on a SPF 2010 site. After trying to add a Sql Reporting Webpart i get the error: Session state has been disabled for ASP.NET. The Report Viewer control requires that session state be enabled in local mode I never came across that error before when using RSWebaprts in Sharepoint 2007:) But i think is related to ASP.NET sessions state:( Any to fix it you would have to start to make sure the SharePoint Server ASP.NET Session State Service is enabled. Unfortunately ......