I wanted to install one of the 20  Admin Templates for WSS v3.
I was only interested in the in the HelpDesk Template. So i went and downloaded the help desk templates and added the solution.
When i tried  deploying the solution i get the error:

A feature with ID 75a0fea7-97c5-4487-88e4-70fde8f79b25 has already been installed in this farm
Use the force attribute to explicitly re-install the feature.

So i tried deploying it using the -force option and the error went a way.So i was happy

But anytime i go back and try to use the template to create a help desk site i first get error : the websites blah blah already exists.
And when i try a new name i get :

Feature '75a0fea7-12fe-4cad-a1b2-525fa776c07e' is not installed in this farm, and can not be added to this scope.

After knocking my head on my desk i knew i need to take a look at MSDN and i must be missing something.
Looking a the sharepoint team blog i found a useful instruction thanks guys

And it says before you
install a server admin Application Template you first need to first install the Application Template Core solution, ApplicationTemplateCore.wsp.

So i went back and removed the HelpDesk.wsp added the ApplicationTemplateCore and later added the HelpDesk.wsp back.
And bingo it worked.

But a question for the Sharpoint Team why did you do it that way?