I have set up the usage and analysis process to run from the sharepoint admin central.
It started working after 24 hours all good.
Then i noticed the search stopped working and the the site usage won't update on sites and subsites.
The administrator rebooted the server so immediately i could reason why the search wasn't working so i restarted the wss search service and made sure i started it with the right account and password which it did work .  
Which i also did to the timer service because i taught that should link to the "site usage" and "usage and analysis process".
Only after waiting till the next day for the process to run i noticed the reports won't update and all i see is 0.
I got digging into it but no solution check the logs and all seemed well went to the Admin again double checked it and made sure all the services are running but still no show .

But i forgot i had another sharepoint installation on my dev so i set the usage and analysis process up and waited for the next day and bingo it worked . Started looking at the setup and permission differences and i found that it was a permission issue arggggg.

All it was is this 2 sharepoint accts the WSS_ADMIN_WPG and the WSS_WPG after giving them the right permissions read and write waited for the next day to have some data BINGO worked like a charm.

Hope this would save another developer's  time