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Matt Watson Software developer, product visionary, and master of #dadops
After installing Windows Server 2012, one of the first things you likely need to do is enable RDP. Thanks to the Metro UI, things are a little different...

From command line go to SystemPropertiesRemote

Or right click bottom left corner and go to System, then Advanced System Settings, Remote tab

Here is a good article with more details if needed

Posted on Friday, November 9, 2012 7:10 AM | Back to top

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# Windows Server 2012 Enable RDP
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Thanks for sharing this blog. Nice. By default, Windows 2012 servers permit a one Remote Desktop meeting. If only one meeting is accessible and you take over another person's reside meeting, you may select to enable multiple RDP sessions.title can be helpful.
Left by iaanhayden on Apr 25, 2013 11:56 PM

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